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Ethical Fashion

Ethical Fashion:

The Growing Demand for Sustainable clothing brands

2018 has been a huge year for sustainability in the fashion industry.

Fashion leaders like British Vogue, the Business of Fashion, Refinery29, as well as sustainability and ethical fashion bloggers have been reporting on ethical clothing brands, natural fiber clothing, Fair Trade, the circular economy and more. What’s so great about sustainable clothing is the industry’s ability to appeal to so many different values at the same time. Eco friendly brands are creating organic clothing, upcycling repurposed materials, empowering workers through Fair Trade and reducing their carbon footprint. Even larger fashion brands are starting to take notice and are implementing recycling programs and including more eco friendly materials like organic cotton, hemp and wool into their products.

Celebrities like Emma Watson have been very vocal in their support of Fair Trade clothing after watching documentaries like the True Cost which expose the social and environmental injustices in the fast fashion industry.

Why the change?

Millennial consumers and modern technology that peel back the veil behind the fashion industry are the driving forces behind this ethical fashion movement and are transforming the way clothing and apparel gets made.

This generation is the most conscious in regards to human rights, environmental justice and ethics in supply chains than any that came before. In fact, in a study posted on the Guardian:

44% of younger millennials – the 17-26 age range – said they would like to see more eco-friendly fabrics used in clothes.

This statistic is very promising in the sustainable fashion movement, but there is still a lot of room to grow. The average shopper wears a piece just 7 times before throwing it away and globally, we are purchasing 80 billion new pieces of clothing--a 400% increase from 2 decades ago. A McKinsey report also found that 3/5ths of the clothing we purchase makes its way to landfills within a year of being made.

Keeping all of this in mind, we at Soul Space, as an ethical clothing brand that stands behind Fair Trade, want to encourage you to keep sustainability in mind when you make clothing purchases. With so many sustainable brands and options, you can shop with your values while also looking good, whether that means upcycled, recycled, thrifted, organic, vegan, repurposed or Fairtrade clothing.

We support you in your journey and will continue to provide you with solutions to being sustainable into 2019 and beyond.