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Five Ways to Positively Impact the Environment in 2020

Your new year’s resolution is to become more environmentally friendly, but you have no idea where to start. The first few weeks of the year have gone by fast, and before you know it, this new year will too. Check out these five tips below on some clever ways to positively impact the environment in 2020.

  1. Reduce your Single Use Item/Plastic Usage

Still using plastic cups, paper towels, or other single use items? Ditch the plastic this new decade and opt for reusable, plastic free items instead. Bring your own cup and straw to coffee shops, use rags instead of paper towels to dry dishes and hands and choose to reuse whenever possible. When out at a restaurant, say no to plastic or Styrofoam to-go containers, cutlery and straws. If you know you will be eating out, bring your own container to take leftovers home without making any trash. Many states are regulating the usage of plastic straws and in California, you must now ask for one instead of automatically receiving one in your drink.

Single use items can sneak up in other areas of your life too. Bottles and containers are often made of plastic and not even recycled when at the end of their life. If you are an avid user of many beauty and makeup products, look for natural products with paper or glass packaging, or opt for products without any packaging like shampoo and soap bars.

 A woman sitting on a teal chair holding metal reusable straws

Photo via SWZLE on Unsplash

  1. Start Composting

No matter where you live, whether apartment or house, you too can compost or find a local drop off station. If you have outdoor space, start your own composting pile. No need to buy any fancy composting tools, composting is able to be done with little effort. If you live in an apartment or aren’t able to start your own composting pile, collect your food scraps to drop off at a nearby composting collection station. If your city doesn’t have one of these, encourage local gardeners, farmers or the city itself to start one. Preventing food waste from going in the landfill can make a huge difference.

Baskets full of carrots, chilies and other vegetables on the ground 

Photo via Megan Thomas on Unsplash

  1. Travel Smart

Most of us travel every day, whether it’s during our commute to work, the grocery store, to pick up our children or just travelling for fun. If your schedule or weather allows, try biking to work or errands, or give public transit a try. If you are going on a vacation, choose to drive instead of flying if the destination is close by. If you have the means to choose an electric car or can’t bike anywhere, this is also a great alternative to a typical gasoline powered vehicle.

 A man biking in a city downtown 

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  1. Use your Purchasing Power for Good

As a consumer, you have a large influence on what a brand does, sells or makes and packages its products with. When shopping, think about the environmental impact of a business and the item you are considering purchasing. Support local businesses and give your support to businesses that support the environment. Ditch the businesses that do more harm than good when it comes to the Earth. While one purchase may not seem like it makes a large impact, a collection of like-minded people can certainly help a business change its ways.

 An open sign through a glass door or window

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  1. Encourage Change in Others

Use your environmental knowledge for good and share it with others. Protecting our planet is of the utmost importance and the message desperately needs to reach others. Kindly educate others on their personal impacts and how they can make new, positive changes in 2020. Spread the word on social media too! If you are passionate about a subject, like environmental change, others will take notice and want to participate too.

 A sign being held at a climate change protest

Photo via Markus Spiske on Unsplash