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Soul Space Reusable Bag Packaging

Soul Space Reusable Bag Packaging

Your Soul Space items come packaged in a reusable organic cotton drawstring bag. By packaging our items in this bag, we reduce our waste and provide our customers with a bag that can be repurposed and reused over and over again. Soul Space has made a commitment to sustainability and is working towards becoming eco-friendlier every day. Our mission is to operate with the highest standards of respect for the environment and our workers through Fairtrade business practices, so we can deliver beautiful and sustainable products to our customers. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and want to call on a generation on conscious consumers to live their values, one purchase at a time. Make an ethical statement by repurposing your Soul Space bag.

What can I do with my Soul Space bag?

  1. While on the go: Grab this bag when you are headed to the grocery store and fill it up with goodies. You can even take it to the bulk section to get some great items completely package free!
  2. While Traveling: Use your Soul Space bag to store your dirty laundry while on a weekend vacation. Throw your shoes in the bag and pop in your suitcase to protect your suitcase from getting dirty.
  3. At Home: Use for storage, jewelry, toiletries, or anything your heart desires. The possibilities are endless!

How do you use your Soul Space bags? We want to see how you repurpose your bags!

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