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Youth Climate Strike 2019

As of today, March 25th, 2019, kids and young adults from around the world are participating in a climate strike. #YouthClimateStrike protesters, mostly under age 25, will be the most effected by climate change in their lives. These protesters have one goal, to get lawmakers, politicians and anyone who will listen to take action. Many students are specifically protesting for their schools to invest in clean energy and to get rid of single use plastic items like cups and straws.

 Youth Climate Strike in Australia via New York Times

Images via New York Times

There is no planet B.

The last 20 years on Earth have been the warmest ever recorded. Greenhouse gases, pollution and toxic waste are at an all time high. The drive for mass consumerism and consumption of goods has pushed the Earth to its edge. According to NASA, climate change effects will dramatically increase in the next 20 years if we do not take immediate action. Climate change effects will include extreme drought, worsening air quality, stronger hurricanes, sea level rise, and an ice free Artic.

Are you taking part in the climate strike? What are you doing to lessen your environmental footprint?