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About Us

Soul Space Is A Story About Fairtrade and Organic Clothing
Soul Space tells the tale of clothing that starts with organic cotton farming and responsible manufacturing uniting sustainability with style. Curiosity is at our core and we are constantly thinking about how we can innovate our process, our gear and our social impact so that we can continuously elevate.
We are committed to a better world
 We stand behind our labels and wear our values on our sleeves. We do this so that you will dress to express--not to impress
What we believe in is wearing a cause, because the skin we wear every morning is a reflection of who we are
Through Fairtrade and Organic practices, we ensure a better tomorrow for the doers and makers of today.

Our Environmental & Social Policy

- No toxic chemicals or pesticides
- Sweatshop Free
- Ethically Produced
- Workers paid living wage
- Environmentally safe dyes
- No GMOs