We currently pay around 25% more for our organic and Fair Trade cotton compared to conventional cotton. This includes an organic premium, certification costs to farmers, transport charges to farmers for transporting their cotton to the certified Gin, and a Fairtrade premium. Farmers who grow Soul Space organic cotton are not exposed to harmful chemicals that can cause diseases and are normally used to grow conventional cotton. Eliminating the use of these harmful chemicals also prevents land and waterways from being polluted and preserves the health of wildlife and ecosystems. Farmers are happier and healthier because of your choice in organic and Fair Trade cotton.



Workers, both men and women who make Soul Space and Fair Trade, organic cotton clothing make living wages that are much more than the national average. In addition to benefits like healthcare, retirement funds, sick days, maternity leave, bonuses, medical insurance for the producer’s entire family, they also receive benefits like subsidized meals, free transportation to and from work, interest free loans, advanced payments and technical assistance. The cost of these social benefits is almost 50% more than of the cost of wages/salaries paid to our workers. Additionally, our workers are provided skill development trainings and currently, almost all our supervisors, managers and senior staff were once lower level workers who steadily climbed up the ladder to higher level positions. Workers are happier, they make more money than many of their counterparts, and they are able to enjoy all these amazing benefits because your choice in Soul Space.



Your Soul Space purchase means you are getting the highest quality, ethically made, organic clothing. Your purchase gives back to farmers, workers and Earth. By purchasing Soul Space, you are making a commitment to more a sustainable Earth, in turn, benefiting your health and wellbeing. Purchasing Soul Space also means you are supporting healthy land, waterways and wildlife, as well as prolonging the health and life of yourself, the Earth and those around you. Proudly wear Soul Space knowing that you are making a difference. Spread the word about what we do and help us change the world.